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OAGIS Business Object Documents

This course covers the Open Applications Group Business Object Documents (or BODs). It describes the BOD verbs, including when and how to use them. BOD and Noun ID usage is explained as well as Data Methodology.

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HR-XML Common Components

This course reviews the scope and deliverables of the HR-XML standards. It includes discussion of the 3.X architecture and focuses in detail on common HR-XML data types. XML declarations are also explained.

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XML Basics

This course discusses the history and structure of DTD and Schema. It delves into the data types, shows how to use imports and exports, explains name spaces, when to use global and local components, and covers different coding methods and common validation errors.

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The HR Open Individual Certificate

HR Open Standards simplify HR integrations, which significantly reduces product time to market and associated development costs.

Be recognized for your knowledge of and experience with HR Open Standards' suite of HR data exchange standards. Individual certificates are awarded to applicants who demonstrate mastery in one or more specialized domains.

Confidently demonstrate to your boss, organization, and the wider HR Technology industry a proficiency in standards-based HR data integrations.

The HR Open Standards individual certificate includes:

  • Online video training courses
  • Course assessments
  • Hands-on implementation experience reviews
  • Certificate and certificate badge

What others are saying

We require all of our developers to take each HR Open Standards video course.

The result is that our developers have a much better understanding of the recruiting industry as well as a clear understanding of HR Open Standards.

When it comes to data, everyone is on the same page and we aren’t having meetings about what to name fields anymore.

Director of Development, DirectEmployers Association